Where next for the UK?

People may have begun to notice me posting more on results from a model I’ve constructed to provide YOU, as an INDIVIDUAL, with guidance as to which “model” (REMAIN by not invoking article 50, SOFT BREXIT, HARD BREXIT, and even more specifically what type of BREXIT) would best maximise the benefit to YOU as an individual.

First off, let’s be clear here.
(1) TF Choices LTD does not “endorse” or “reject” any of the “example person results” I have been posting on my twitter accounts.
(2) TF Choices LTD is purely interested in finding out what individuals, and then groups, want. It does evidence based policy. Always has, always will.

Yes I have my own private views. No I’m not telling them in a public forum – and if you try to infer them from going through my posts and twitter comments you probably will come unstuck. All I’ll say is that the referendum was difficult for me, given everything I know about the pros and cons of the EU. But you can rest assured that actually this knowledge and uncertainty means I genuinely don’t want to “fix” the model to go one way or the other – apart from anything else, that wouldn’t help *me* solidify my own views about the future!

I consider myself exceptionally well informed on European and wider global issues, yet even I sometimes need such a model to “show me” how much competing options are important to me. So whilst I am open to ANY campaign which wants to fund me to do the unbiased study that will really “unpick” that 52/48 split, using me as a blatant political vehicle to force your agenda is a no-no. If and when I get the study funded that I want to run done, then, if there is an unequivocal “winning model”, then fine, I’ll be at the forefront of cheerleading for it and how I helped individuals “crystallise” their own views and trade-offs.

And if it validates what “you” have been saying then fine – I’ll say so loudly. The model I use is more powerful than any that has been used to date. Not only could it “unpick the 52/48” but could, potentially, answer that question that has generated so much heat and so little light, namely:

“What would the non-voters have done if, like Australia, they had been legally obliged to vote?”

I have a proto-proposal I have sent to the Dept for BREXIT in London. I have no idea if they will do anything with it. But if they don’t fund the – TINY – relative costs to do it, one of the campaigns will.

I’ll just round off with some ENTIRELY HYPOTHETICAL results from two HYPOTHETICAL INDIVIDUALS, someone who wanted “REMAIN” and someone who wanted “a hard BREXIT option”. Just so you know – each pie chart is for that individual and that individual only…..there is no “averaging across groups”…..that is why my model is so powerful. I give the individual respondent their own PERSONALISED pie chart, showing, on the basis of the their views expressed in five questions, which future model of the UK’s relationship with the rest of Europe/the world, would best satisfy such views.

eu_support_graph copy

ScreenHunter_04 Feb. 09 19.06
(I haven’t given the individual responses for the BREXITer purely so competitors don’t find “reverse engineering” my model easy, NOT due to any reason pertinent to support/antipathy I have.