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Panel and platform thanks

This is just a “shout out” for the panel I used to access respondents – pureprofile – and the platform I used to host the survey – ConfirmIT. I used them virtually all the time when “learning the trade” in Sydney and their UK affiliates did me proud in the current EU study. This study […]

BREXIT report appendices

I have a lot of other commitments early this week – stuff for the company, some caring responsibilities and another project to try to wrap up analysis on. I’ll try to get more results from the EU referendum survey on here when I can. The main appendices I need to write (which may end up […]

Guardian wrong again

The Guardian reports the supposed effects of BREXIT on different regions in the UK. Which type of BREXIT are we talking about? The regions voted for different types. Appendix to my population survey to follow in next day or so showing what type of BREXIT each one wants most…. And they must certainly do not […]

East Midlands least racist region

Quite proud of being a Nottinghamian today. The raw scores for the 12 regions show that the East Midlands: Is the only one with a positive “most-minus-least”  immigration score – so the only one in which the EU immigration policy was regarded positively, on average; Is the least in favour of the EU budget; Is […]

BREXIT notes

So I’m beginning to get pushback. Fair enough – bit slow actually, though the terror attacks probably the reason. One seemed to deny that it was time to move on whilst the 2nd wanted to split hairs over “100% turnout”. OK let’s just say “If all eligible voters gave their views” to skewer the second […]

LEAVE still wins on 100% turnout – official

Well my analysis is complete and the result is clear. My report – TF_CHOICES_EU_REFERENDUM_report_2017_03_23_WMARK shows that 100% turnout would have led to exactly the same result – the UK voting to LEAVE the European Union. The vote changes – a tiny bit – LEAVE goes down from 51.8% to 51.0%. However, there is a GENUINE […]

Where next for the UK?

People may have begun to notice me posting more on results from a model I’ve constructed to provide YOU, as an INDIVIDUAL, with guidance as to which “model” (REMAIN by not invoking article 50, SOFT BREXIT, HARD BREXIT, and even more specifically what type of BREXIT) would best maximise the benefit to YOU as an […]

airing publication dirty laundry

I watched the full video of the recent International Journal of Epidemiology conference yesterday, which I was alerted to via Ben Goldacre’s blog. It is over seven hours long so probably weekend viewing, but is well worth it. I particularly enjoyed Richard Smith’s assertion that journals now do more harm than good, Ben’s (different from […]

perils of big data

This is a repost of something I posted on my personal blog (and which itself is largely a comment to a blogpost by a very smart mathematician who has just published a book which includes warnings about the misuse of algorithms to analyse big data). The purpose is to show why companies like mine are […]

Best-Worst Scaling in Voting

My comment to one of the links posted to today’s “Water Cooler” posting at Naked Capitalism. (Cross posted to my personal blog too). The original link concerned a proposal in the US state of Maine to introduce ranked voting rather than the first-past-the-post (FPTP) that is ubiquitous in the US and UK…..the proposal sounds attractive […]