Welcome to TF Choices

TF Choices is an independent consultancy offering specialist services in the field of choice modelling.

Choice modelling seeks to

  • understand how humans make decisions, particularly when they must choose between one good or service and another
  • identify what features of these goods and services drive decision-making
  • quantify the trade-offs people are willing to make between these features.


We can answer questions such as:

  • How much support would competing advertising or promotional slogans command among key consumer segments?
  • What risk of particular side effects are patients willing to accept before they would prefer a less effective, but also safer treatment?
  • How do attitudes towards life goals in general vary across the population and does this help government and companies better identify who values what in life?
  • How likely, and in what circumstances, would an older person wish for symptom relief rather than have highly interventionist care involving feeding tubes and respirators that in any case have low success rates?
  • How much do older people value social care and would some government health funding achieve better outcomes if diverted to specific types of social care?


In short, we offer highly specialised services that have influenced governments, and have helped companies provide better services worldwide. There are few choice modelling groups in the world and their cutting edge services are not offered by traditional management consultancies.